The Super Travel Experience


September 24, 2019

Hi, this is Mark and I first started traveling when I was a teenager. My sister took my brother and I down to Mexico from Harbor City where I grew up. It was a fun experience and one I will never forget as we tried surfing in the choppy water and eating seafood and wonderful Mexican food by the ocean near Rosarito Beach. Later I was lucky enough to travel to Japan and Australia while I served in the Marines by in the early 2000's. I came home with interesting stories and odd sights (some I wish I didn't see lol) I'll never forget.

Later on I continued traveling and finally in my later 30's really fell in love with it and wanted to share everything I learned and know with whoever wants to listen in the hopes that it will help and maybe entertain others. I want to share aspects of traveling, tips, advice and anything helpful to others. I really enjoy interviewing amazing people and learning as much as I can. Traveling is quite amazing and I feel lucky and grateful to have the opportunity to do so. Thank you for listening and if want to comment or send me a message about anything you'd like to share, I'd love to hear from you. Happy Travels! -Mark



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