The Super Travel Experience

E:32 Sicily to Naples

December 15, 2019

There’s a lot to see from Siracusa to Naples and a fun ferry ride! Ortigia, Ortigia, Ortigia I still have a hard time pronouncing this. It’s a cool island in Siracusa reminiscent of Venice, Italy. Anyway, the ferry ride is really fun, the Amalfi Coast is epic and Pompei is incredible! My first time in Southern Italy and I was not let down!

One word of advice when traveling, BE NICE! Being nice is soooo much better for you and everyone around. People tend to treat you how they treat them. If you are kind, people will generally respond the same. If you are not kind in general they will respond not so friendly. Kindness, is one of the secrets I’ve learned while traveling and it just hit me this last trip. I made it a point to be kind and curious and it really made the trip much more enjoyable. I think I have more smiling wrinkles after this trip but it was worth it! The people I’ve met are simply incredible!

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